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The Ly Company Agua y Vida Foundation is born: help us and be part of the change

On June 15, we presented our corporate foundation: the Ly Company Agua y Vida Foundation, which was born focused on improving the lives of the most disadvantaged, especially minors, as well as protecting and caring for the environment.

A solidarity event that was attended by authorities, businessmen and friends thanks to whom we have managed to give a boost to our first projects: financial fundraising, new members and volunteers, support… The launching of our organization and, At the same time, our first charity event has been a complete success.

Projects underway

There are many boys and girls in Malaga who, supervised by the Junta de Andalucía, reside in child protection centers waiting for a family. Our first local project had to be focused on them with the help of our godmother, the delegate of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality of the Junta de Andalucía, Ruth Sarabia. For this reason, we have launched a campaign to search for foster families to respond to the more than 300 minors who are in this situation in our province.

You have more information about this project on our YouTube channel

In the Dominican Republic, where we implemented a Ly Company packaging plant, we are working on the construction of a day center that will later become an orphanage. In this first phase we will provide education, support and basic food and health care to minors from families without resources or in vulnerable situations in the municipality of Guayacanes.

At the event we announced the plans for this center. In this sense, we have obtained health equipment for this education center from which we will promote the eradication of child labor and the care and prevention of abuse of girls.

During our gala, which took place at the Uppery Club in Gualdamar, we managed to raise a total of 2,000 euros with the sale of charity bags; We have received donations from Tetra Pak, Smurfit and Cifal valued at 14,000 euros; Prolongo, Frutas Gallego and Narbona Solís collaborated in the event by contributing their products; and Iuris Cátedra will be in charge of our administrative and fiscal management.

In addition, we do not stop receiving requests to volunteer at the Foundation; we have more than 50 new members; About 20 families have contacted us interested in being host families…

We greatly appreciate everyone who has contributed their grain of sand and we encourage companies, educational centers and individuals to collaborate in any way they can, whether financially; being the voice of the Foundation by sharing our content or promoting what we do; or even providing their services. Any idea is welcome.

Here you can see all the photos of the event

Our mission

Although since our company was born in 2015 as a startup we have been supporting various social projects and donating more than 20 percent of our profits, we felt the need to create our own Foundation from which we could give life to our own projects. This is how the Ly Company Agua y Vida Foundation was born. You can get to know us better in this video

Help us, help yourself and be part of the change!

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