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What do we do?

It is part of our social and environmental projects.

Social project

In a world where many people need help, at the Ly Company foundation we carry out international cooperation projects, both our own and in collaboration with other organizations. Our mission is to improve lives.

Planet and Sustainability

Planet Earth needs a change and the Ly Company Foundation was born to make it possible and contribute, together with everyone who wants to join the project, to achieve a better world.

Caring for the environment is part of the essence of our Foundation, as well as of Ly Company Group. Sustainability and commitment to the environment that surrounds us are part of our pillars.

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Social projects undertaken

Some of the projects that have been developed, prior to the creation of the Foundation, have been thanks to Ly Company Group, which has worked and accumulated experience in the national and international development of disadvantaged areas.

Centro de día en Guayacanes

Guayacanes day center

In the Dominican Republic, where we implemented a Ly Company production plant, we are working on the construction of a day center that will later become an orphanage. In this first phase we will provide education, support and basic food and health care to minors from families without resources or in vulnerable situations in the municipality of Guayacanes.

Proyecto Niños Tutelados Junta de Andalucía

Project for minors supervised by the Junta de Andalucía

There are many boys and girls in Malaga who, supervised by the Junta de Andalucía, reside in child protection centers waiting for a family. Our first local project had to be focused on them with the help of our godmother, the delegate of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality of the Junta de Andalucía, Ruth Sarabia. For this reason, we have launched a campaign to search for foster families to respond to the more than 300 minors who are in this situation in our province.

Donación de agua en carreras solidarias

Water donations for solidarity events and NGOs

We have made water donations at solidarity events such as the Women Against Cancer Race in Málaga or the Solidarity Race Against Childhood Cancer organized by the Olivares Foundation. These are just some of the donations we have made and those to come.

Pozos Sin Fronteras. Logo

Pozos Sin Fronteras

In addition, we have carried out other projects with Pozos Sin Fronteras, of which we are members. NGO dedicated to providing water to local people and communities to be the basic tool in their escape from poverty.

Some of the projects in which we have already collaborated are the following:

Implementation of irrigation systems and development of women’s agricultural cooperatives to guarantee food sovereignty of rural communities in Goubi (Togo).

Strengthening the food sovereignty of rural communities in Peni through the implementation of water, sanitation systems and development of agricultural cooperatives led by women (Burkina Faso).

We get to all these places

Thanks to your collaboration we can make all these projects a reality.

Mapa del mundo con las zonas de colaboración

Hogar La Merced (República Dominicana)

Navidades Solidarias

Sistemas de riego y cooperativas agropecuarias de mujeres en Goubi (Togo)

Sistemas de agua, saneamiento y desarrollo de cooperativas agropecuarias lideradas por mujeres (Burkina Faso)

Creación de Orfanato en Yaundé (Camerún)
Pozo en Guayacanes (República Dominicana)