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About us

We are the Ly Company

Agua y Vida Foundation

About the Foundation

Created in 2022 by Ly Company Group. The Ly Company Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit development cooperation organization, which was created in order to contribute to the protection and care of the environment, in addition to promoting projects whose objective is to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged.

Foundation Mission

Improve lives, carrying out projects that improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable population in developing countries, as well as projects that promote environmental conservation.

Foundation Vision

The Foundation works to become a benchmark for international development cooperation, in addition to promoting good environmental practices.


Social commitment

Reason to be

We work to promote, promote and disseminate the sustainable development objectives set by the UN member states in the 2030 Agenda, focusing specifically on the following:

01– End of Poverty
02– Zero Hunger
03– Health and Wellbeing
04– Quality Education
05– Gender equality
06– Clean water and sanitation
10– Reduction of inequalities
11– Sustainable cities and communities
13– Climate action

Objetivos Fundación Ly Company

Why do we focus on these goals?

Poverty is an epidemic that affects millions of people on our planet.
In the world, 1.4 billion people suffer from extreme poverty and almost 900 million suffer from hunger. These people do not have access to drinking water or other basic services such as health and education. (According to Oxfam Intermón).

The United Nations in its report “From pollution to solution” shows that plastic pollution is a growing threat in all ecosystems.
It mainly highlights that plastic pollution in aquatic ecosystems has grown considerably in recent years and is expected to double by 2030, with dire consequences for the health, economy, biodiversity and climate of planet Earth.


These are some of the people behind the Ly Company Foundation.

Francisco Rodríguez. Presidente de la Fundación Ly Company

Francisco Rodríguez

President Ly Company Foundation
Founder Ly Company Group
CEO Ly Company Group

M;aite Bernal. Secretaria de la Fundación Ly Company

Maite Bernal

Ly Company Foundation Secretary
Founder Ly Company Group
Quality Director Ly Company Group

Francisco Leal. Director Técnico de Ly Company Group

Francisco Leal

Fundador Ly Company Group
Director Técnico – Ly Company Group

Alfonso Roldán. Director de Contabilidad de Ly Company Group

Alfonso Roldán

Accounting Director – Ly Company Group

Antonic Córdoba. Director Comercial Ly Company Group

Antonio Córdoba

Commercial Director – Ly Company Group

Julio Andrade. Director de Cifal Málaga

Julio Andrade

Director of Cifal Málaga

Ruth Sarabia. Madrina de la Fundación Ly Company

Ruth Sarabia

Godmother of the Foundation – Territorial Delegate of Social Inclusion, Youth, Families and Equality – Junta de Andalucía

Collaborating entities

Thanks to them and you, we make all our projects possible.

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