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Proyecto social

Social project

In a world where many people need help, we carry out international cooperation projects, both our own and in collaboration with other organizations.

Our mission is to improve lives, carrying out projects that improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable population, as well as projects that promote environmental conservation.

Some of the projects that have been developed, prior to the creation of the Foundation, have been thanks to Ly Company Group, which since its Foundation, has worked and accumulated experience in the national and international development of disadvantaged areas.

Humanitarian aid:

Solidarity Christmas

A project in which we committed to providing our water in cardboard to disadvantaged groups. To do this, we collaborate with several associations by distributing water and sanitary materials both in centers and in nursing homes.

In addition, we have carried out other projects with Pozos Sin Fronteras of which we are members. NGO dedicated to providing water to local people and communities to be the basic tool in their escape from poverty.

Some of the projects in which we have already collaborated are the following:

  • Project in Togo
    Implementation of irrigation systems and development of women’s agricultural cooperatives to guarantee food sovereignty of rural communities in Goubi (Togo).
  • Project in Burkina Faso
    Strengthening the food sovereignty of rural communities in Peni through the implementation of water, sanitation systems and development of agricultural cooperatives led by women.

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